Krisz Deak

Producing for almost 20 years – he is one of the most fertile dubtechno producers.

Unavoidable live act artist with industrial sound and never ending rhythms.

Founding member of Technodub Seance & TDS Records.




The fresh voice of dubtechno – part of the crew since ‘16.

Recognizable by his bouncy sound, groovy bass and maximal echos creating a deep flow, that will take you anywhere.





Possessed by the constellation of mechanical textures and repetitive patterns – he is a significant representative of dubtechno. Composing since ‘08 as zoltan solomon.

Main organizer and founding member of Technodub Seance.




Being part of the scene for 15 years as a DJ and producer – Garpo is a true undergound soul.

His deep toned and atmospheric live acts holds within the endless meaning of dub and techno.